Computer Repair & Upgrades

Need help with tricky computer issues? Juvix the Tech Guy can assist. Highly skilled with experience in Desktops, Macs, and PC’s Juvix the Tech Guy can diagnose and fix the problem. Here are a few common computer issues Juvix the Tech Guy can fix: 

Slow Performance, Constant Restarting, Corrupt Data, Hardware Damage (broken screen, damaged ports), Overheating, System Backup, Updates, Printer Repair, Viruses Removal, And Much More!


Cell Phone & Tablet Repair

If you’ve have every had a cracked screen you know how much off and annoyance and difficulty it can become. Juvix the Tech Guy offers full phone & tablet repair services to get your device back up to full use. Juvix the tech guy can repair broken screens, charging issues, slow device response, connectivity issues, syncing errors, and much more. Nowadays, these devices are very beneficial to have and are helpful in our everyday lives so it is important come to use to make sure yours is up-to-date and working properly.

Looking for the latest, quickest next device? Juvix the Tech Guy also sales many top named brand items and competitive prices. We have for sale:

·         Phones (Apple, Samsung, LG,)

·         Computers (Apple, Dell, HP)

·         Printers (HP, Brother, Canon)

·         TV’s(Sony, LG, Samsung)

·         Tablets(Samsung, Apple, Asus)

·         Laptops (Dell, Lenovo, HP)

and many other high-tech items! Please check out our current items and keep an eye out for new items to come!


Juvix The Tech Guy provides services for cabling installation. We maintain careful planning and execution in order to make sure everything is professionally installed and your systems are working properly. Proper cabling infrastructure is essential for excellent network performance which keeps your business running so rely on Juvix the tech Guy to deliver quality service while offering great prices.

Security & Camera Installations

Keep yourself and your loved ones protected and secure with the latest and most efficient security & camera equipment. Let Juvix the tech get you prepared for any unexpected events with a detailed security installation. Billions of dollars each year have been lost to theft and vandalism. Having the proper video surveillance is crucial to protecting your business and giving you that needed peace of mind. Juvix The Tech Guy is capable of constructing an infrastructure of precise cameras and recorders, or improve your current CCTV system with additional units. Whether its wireless cameras, multiple security monitors, pan & zoom cameras, or traditional DVR systems let us install the correct system to keep you safe.

Game Console Repair

Is your Xbox One constantly freezing? Do your PS4 controllers never connect? Can you never get your Nintendo Wii to read the game discs right? Don’t let problems with your console stop you from enjoying playing your favorite games. Juvix the Tech Guy also offers game console repair. We can repair Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or other console devices. Juvix the Tech Guy will analyze the underlying problem causing your console to malfunction and provide details solutions in order to get the problem fixed.

Electronic Pickup & Recycling

We offer pickup and recycling services of old or unwanted electronics. All of our items picked up are disposed of responsibly. Many of the hazards materials from electronics come from their internal components that contain aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastic, lead and other iron metals. These materials can seep into the ground and even into local water supplies if not properly disposed of. Juvix the Tech Guy 100% provides environmentally friendly services that correctly recycle or reuse these electronics that and make them useful again.

Mobile Paper Shredding

If you have confidential documents or hard drives that need destroyed, Juvix The Tech Guy also offers secure mobile shredding services. We comply with current legal regulations to make sure the disposal of sensitive information is handled securely, professionally, and environmentally. All work in handled professionally and confidentially in order to keep the trust and safety of our clients high. Don’t waste your important time at work anymore when Juvix the Tech Guy can provide local, convenient, on-site document disposal services right to your location.



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